Diocesan Property Group


Welcome to the Diocesan Property Group.

The Property Team provides Property Management Services across its wide portfolio from Parishes, Diocesan, Primary and College buildings.

The Diocesan Property Team manage all aspects of maintenance, additions and new building initiatives.

This is your ‘go to team’ for guidance, advice, funding and approval of any matters relating to property.

Our Team consists of the Property Portfolio & Development Manager Michael Butler and Property  Manager Michele Elsmore and project administration and accounts staff.

We will showcase our latest projects and sneak peaks into what’s coming up as well as updates on :

  • Building safety, fire evacuation, building compliance and security.
  • Insurance and rates.
  • Planning, Building, and Seismic information
  • Maintenance scheduling and recommendations
  • Diocesan Norms – Projects
  • Parish Property Guidelines
  • Site specific data – Property Maps