Parish Expenditure


Budgeting will allow the Parish to keep track of works done and how much the works have cost compared to the budget.

When planning your budget, you need to allocate the right amount of funds for your maintenance tasks. You need to avoid the risk of ‘getting behind’ by deferring maintenance. Allowing the state of the Parish to fall beyond ‘good order and repair’ may well mean you have to spend even more money to return it to the required state.

Budgeting guidelines:

  1. Work out how much you have in your property maintenance funding and total budget.
  2. Work out the maintenance priorities based on the four priorities of maintenance, and the ‘have-to-do’s and ‘will do if there is enough money’.
  3. Allocate funds according to the established priorities. This may involve putting money aside for a maintenance item that will need doing in a couple of years.
  4. Budget amounts can be varied each year as you update your Property Plan.
  5. Price out the maintenance work identified in the Property Plan. You may be able to do this by contacting suppliers and contractors. If a consultant or tradesperson has identified the work they may be able to price it for you.
  6. Include any spending you intend doing on minor capital works.
  7. Make sure when you are working out your total Parish budget that you are providing enough for property maintenance even if this means making a trade­off against other spending.
  8. Will a fundraising effort be necessary this year to pay for building maintenance?
  9. Put aside funding in your annual maintenance budget as a contingency for unforeseen work. There will be emergencies and unpredictable expenses even when you plan maintenance.


The guidelines for maintenance works can also be applied to Capital Works.  Budgeting will allow the Parish to keep track of works done and how much the works have cost compared to the budget.

If you have insufficient funds on hand to undertake Capital Works, there are a number of options available to obtain additional funding:


What you borrow will be dependent on your ability to repay.

Local Fundraising.

The backbone of parish additional funding: Auctions, raffles, fairs/fetes etc


Is the facility being built available to be used for community use?  There may be a possibility  the works may be eligible for community funding from organisations such as: your Local Council; The ASB Community Trust  or The Lion Foundation amongst others.


This is an area of funding that is often overlooked.  It can be a long sighted form of fund raising but raise it as a opportunity for parishioners to contribute to the Parish in the future.