Parish Management & Maintenance


Maintenance work can be defined as all the work necessary to keep the site, buildings and facilities at the Parish in a good state of repair.

  • Maintenance should involve regular inspections to identify potential problems, carry out repairs and upgrading. Maintenance covers a wide variety of tasks.

The focus of property maintenance is ensuring that the physical environment, the buildings and the grounds, are the best that is possible. Keeping items in good condition to maximise their life and plan for their eventual replacement.

This is easier when there is an unlimited supply of time and money. Because the resources of the Parish time and money are limited it is important to use them in an efficient way. The challenge is to use the limited time and money in the best way to get the best possible environment.

Property Maintenance

The benefits of Property Maintenance are:

  • Ensures the health and safety of the users of the buildings. Safety should always be the first concern
  • Allow the correct decisions to be made as they are based on accurate reporting
  • Maintains the value of the property
  • Reduces the risk of over investment in the buildings
  • Reduces the deterioration of the asset
  • Allows time expenditure to be planned allowing time and finances to be effectively managed.
  • Reduces emergencies and identifies minor problems before they become major problems and more expensive.
  • Enhances the appearance of the property and provides better facilities for Parishioners
  • The Parish should ensure that somebody is responsible for the buildings maintenance, the inspections and the planning.


As a Parish some of the expenses that you are responsible for are:

  • Council Land Rates
  • Water Rates
  • Power
  • Gardening