Aotearoa Catholic Youth Festival: Ticket sales open this Saturday July 15 2017


Spend a weekend in Auckland and be changed for a lifetime!


The Festival on 2-3 December is an opportunity of encounter with God, the Church and hundreds of friends.  It will be a vehicle for Bishops and Church leaders to engage with young people, hearing from them how they see their world today.

In a coup for the New Zealand Catholic Church, the Festival will feature leadership and performance by the internationally recognised musician and worship leader, Matt Maher.

In announcing the Festival, Bishop Patrick Dunn, President of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference says:

“We are delighted to invite Matt Maher and his band to join us in Aotearoa New Zealand to celebrate the work of God in and through young people.  We look forward to being inspired by Matt’s music and leadership so willingly and generously shared with people the world over. Matt’s music, faith, and presence among us later this year will be a challenge for all young people to be inspired to use their own God-given gifts when they return home to their local communities.”


Ticket sales open: Saturday 15 July.

For full information, see

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