Auckland Catholic Justice Commission supports moves for Indian students to stay

The Justice and Peace Commission of the Catholic Diocese of Auckland calls on the Minister of Immigration to act with compassion and mercy and to drop the deportation orders against the Indian Students who have been granted sanctuary at the Unitarian Church in Ponsonby.  We believe that they should be allowed to stay to complete their studies and work experience as per their original visas.

We believe it is not fair to penalise these students who appear to have done nothing wrong.  It seems quite clear that some details of their applications were falsified by immigration agents in India and not by the students themselves.[1]

We support the ability of students to come to New Zealand to study and we support our educational institutions, which offer them training.  But this industry must be fair and just to the students.  We ask our government to make sure the industry is properly regulated and run in a way which is fair and just to all students.

These students have paid tens of thousands of dollars each to come and study and work in New Zealand.  This money has gone to their immigration agents in India, to educational institutes in New Zealand, and to the government via taxes.  But the students themselves have been unfairly denied the right to complete their study and one year of work experience in New Zealand.

We believe that  the New Zealand government should acknowledge inadequate systems that allowed the fraud in the first place, and would like to see the students granted a visa to finish their studies if need be under a different category, e.g. on humanitarian grounds.

We ask our Minister of Immigration to show mercy to these students as he did in November 2015 to 600 Filipino Dairy workers who had shown irregularities in their work visa applications. [2]    Ends

For more information contact

Peter Garrick, Executive Secretary, Justice & Peace Commission,

Catholic Diocese of Auckland, ph 09 360 3037


For release as a public statement and sent to:

Hon Michael Woodhouse, Minister of Immigration

Hon David Bennett. Associate Minister of Immigration

Hon Bill English, Prime Minister

[1] Immigration NZ papers

[2] Radio NZ 3 Nov 2015 Farmers Welcome Filipino Worker’s reprieve

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