Auckland’s Catholic Caring Foundation thanks Aucklanders for their contribution to last year’s earthquake recovery


A cheque for $65,000.00 was handed over to Cardinal John Dew, the Archbishop of Wellington in whose archdiocese the earthquake occurred, by Anne Marie Parker (left) and Darragh O’Riordan (right) of the Caring Foundation, pictured here with the Cardinal.

Thanks to the generosity of spirit demonstrated by Auckland catholic schools, parishioners and religious communities, the Catholic Caring Foundation of the Auckland Diocese received over $67,061.18 as a result of their appeal throughout the diocese to support families living in hardship as a result of last year’s earthquakes.

As the bishop’s charity, the Catholic Caring Foundation was the agency appointed to collect all donations within the Auckland diocese to go towards the earthquake recovery in Kaikoura and surrouonding areas towards the end of 2016.

Bishop Pat Dunn said that the volume of messages of support, prayers offered and donations received has been wonderful, and the lives of all of those adversely affected by the earthquake’s devastation would be enhanced as a result.

Cardinal Dew, in expressing his prayerful thanks to everyone throughout the Auckland diocese for their overwhelming support, thanked the Catholic Caring Foundation for their help in its appeal to help the stricken community get back on its feet.

“My pastoral team are working collaboratively with the local Catholic parish, marae and other social services to ensure those families and individuals who are struggling with the aftermath of the November earthquake can be best supported through this challenging time”, Cardinal Dew said.


“Our priorities are to support families, children, and young people; care for the carers who have worked to support the local community; work with tangata whenua, and to enable parishes and the local community to identify how best to respond to their own needs.”


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