Catechists Gather

We are Called, Gifted, Supported

Participants reflect on Mary as Catechist

Saturday 20 August saw Catechists of Parish Religious Education and Sacramental Programmes, from Kerikeri to Thames gather for prayer, support and formation.  Having prayed together as a community Catechists were broken into groups to explore five key aspects of their role.

  • Mary the Model Catechist. Mary who instructed the servants at the wedding of Cana “Do whatever he tells you” (John 2:5) is the first model of presenting Jesus to the world.
  • Commitment to Church. The task of the Catechist is on behalf of the Church.  It is part of living the final instruction of Mass – Go be disciples to all people.
  • Openness to the World There are many resources that can help support the Catechist. Participants got onto devices and laptop to explore and critique websites and apps.  This information was shared with everyone.
  • The Role of Catechist Each participant spent some time in quiet using poetry, prayer and lived experience to reflect on their role as catechist.
  • Strength, Gifts and Companions Participants considered their own strengths and gifts for ministry, those that might be explored and developed, and the people that help and support them in their role.

All these areas of shared learning and reflection were bought together in the concluding liturgy.

A real buzz existed throughout day as people not only learnt and affirmed the tools for Catechists but met and shared with fellow Catechists from throughout the diocese.


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