Policies and Procedures

Changing the Tag

When writing and reviewing policies the Board of Trustees is expected to keep in mind the requirement that the teaching and operation of the school reflects the Catholic Special Character.   A Catholic perspective should characterize all policies.

Positions of Importance

The Private Schools’ Conditional Integration Act and the Integration Agreement for Catholic Schools require that schools have a certain number of Positions of Importance

Consultative  Advisory Group Meetings

To uphold the integrity of the Private Schools’ Conditional Integration Act 1975 (P.S.C.I.A) regarding positions under Section 65 1 (a), (b), (c) and Section 66

Reclassification of a School

A Catholic Primary or Secondary School may apply to alter their Integration Agreement to:

  • Change the name of the school
  • Change the percentage of Non preference students
  • Recapitate
  • Decapitate

Maximum Roll Increase Applications

The Catholic Diocese of Auckland aims to provide additional Catholic primary and secondary educational provision to meet Auckland’s projected growth in population.  The Vicar of Education is happy to assist schools to determine when it is appropriate for a school to be starting the process of considering a maximum roll increase.

Information for Parents/Caregivers Seeking Preference of Enrolment at Catholic Schools

The following information is given to assist parents/caregivers seeking to gain preference of enrolment at a Catholic school

Interpretation of Preference Criteria

As you may be aware the “Guidelines for the Granting of Preference of Enrollment in New Zealand Catholic Schools was published by the NZ Catholic Bishops Conference in 2009 and at the end of 2016 was updated as a result of change in wording for preference criteria 5.4..  This comes as a reminder of the information given in these Guidelines and to assist you in your task of discerning who should be granted preference of enrollment