Religious Education Certification Status

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference has set up a procedure to recognise pre-service and in-service training in Religious Education.  While not a condition of service, it is the standard expected. Satisfactory completion of training gives Certification at different levels.

The distinctive character of a Catholic school consists in a community climate permeated by the Gospel spirit of freedomMary from our office and love. Teachers, as individuals and as a community, have the prime responsibility for attempting to create such a climate. Furthermore, the special character of the Catholic School, the underlying reason for it, the reason why Catholic parents should prefer it, is precisely the quality of the religious instruction integrated into the education of the pupils.

All staff members in a Catholic school should understand the nature of Catholic Special Character, and their particular role in its maintenance and development. Teachers who teach Religious Education, and those who have leadership roles or special responsibilities need further qualifications related to these responsibilities.

This means that all staff require opportunities for personal and professional development and opportunities to acquire qualifications. Boards of Trustees play a key role by encouraging staff to further develop their professional development in Religious Education and Catholic Special Character by ensuring that the allocation of funds for this is a high priority.

This Handbook outlines a system of Certification. It is designed to assist those with responsibility for Catholic schools to ensure that their staff acquire the appropriate qualifications, for the effective delivery of the Religious Education Curriculum and the enhancement of Catholic Special Character.

Handbook for Certification in Catholic Special Character and Religious Education