Affordability of Housing Committee

Shelter is one of our most fundamental needs. The dignity of each person requires that they live in an environment which provides stability and a sense of belonging. Lack of secure, adequate housing undermines family and personal stability and causes physical and mental illness.
– NZ Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Housing, 1983

The Affordability of Housing Committee advocates for affordable housing, particularly within the Auckland diocese.

It has gathered information on

  • social and low-cost housing options;
  • rental costs and consequences of overcrowding
  • the housing policies of the political parties

The Committee has made submissions on affordable housing to:

The Committee is a member of the CHA – Community Housing Aotearoa Network. It is currently working on a scheme to offer temporary low rental housing to those in need.

Committee members sharing Convenor duties at present.

Members: Norman Elliott, Rev Michael Blakely, Tom Cotter, Ausage Fa’aoso Setu, Terry Manson, Rose Lythe, Matthew Paetz