Crime & Reconciliation Committee

Restorative Justice / Rehabilitation Committee
All of us, whether victims of crime, offenders, employees in the criminal justice system, family members or neighbours, are called to find paths to a justice system which reconciles; which rejects attitudes of revenge; which helps victims to heal and offenders to turn their lives around. It is the only true path to the security and safety that our society longs for.
NZ Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Revenge or Reconciliation, 2009

The Crime & Reconciliation Committee aims to advocate for restorative justice for victims of crime and offenders. It also advocates for a prison system that focuses on prisoners’ habilitation, rehabilitation and integration into society.

The Committee has:

  • Made a submission to the Department of Corrections on the proposal (now given government approval) for a men’s prison at Wiri, 2010
  • Obtained letter of interest from the University of Auckland for carrying out long term research on prison intake and rehabilitation success at the proposed Wiri prison
  • Encouraged parishes through their Parish Social Justice Animators to take part in the Sisters of Mercy postcard campaign against the Wiri prison

At present the Committee is

  • Researching habilitation/rehabilitation and reintegration programmes
  • Plans a leaflet for parishes to increase understanding of the needs of released prisoners and how parishioners can help

Convenor: Donne Aeria

Members: Br Colin Divane, Joseph Collins, Peter Watt, Malcolm Walkinshaw