Social Hazards Committee

Once again we exhort our people to take an active part in public life, and to contribute towards the attainment of the common good of the entire human family as well as to that of their own country. They should endeavour, therefore, in the light of the Faith and with the strength of love, to ensure that the various institutions–whether economic, social, cultural or political in purpose — should be such as not to create obstacles, but rather to facilitate or render less arduous people’s perfecting of themselves both in the natural order as well as in the supernatural.

Blessed John XXIII  Pacem in Terris (#146)


The Committee focuses on advocacy in the following four areas from a justice point of view, in so far as the lack of effective regulation in these areas can lead to exploitation of people and destroy the efforts of vulnerable people to live dignified lives:

  • the proliferation of commercial gambling outlets (‘pokie machines’),
  • uncontrolled predatory lending (‘loan sharks’) ,
  • the recent increase in the number of alcohol outlets with sales and marketing targeted at the young and
  • the lack of regulation of prostitution particularly regarding the recruitment of young people into prostitution.

Convenor: John Wong
Members: Peter Garrick, Dawn Mullins, Joseph Devasia, Ted Loughman