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Welcome. The Liturgy Centre provides formation, information and resources for parishes, schools and communities to enable full, conscious and active participation in the public worship of the Church.

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Liturgy Preparation

The web pages in this section will assist those preparing for the Sunday Eucharist, including selecting appropriate music, sample Prayers of the Faithful and Sunday Mass Readings in Te Reo.


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Liturgy of the Word with Children

This Liturgy of the Word with Children resource is intended for children aged 5 to 12, as well as older young people depending on their level of understanding. On a Sunday – the Lord’s Day – at all Masses where children are in attendance, including Vigil Masses, Liturgy of the Word with Children is ideally celebrated.

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The Liturgy Centre contains a wide range of resources, available for both reference and purchase. In this section, you can find out more information about our own publications, download some sample liturgies, or find out how to order our resources.

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This section contains an index of key articles from our comprehensive range of liturgical journals, and our own Liturgy magazine.

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About Us

The Liturgy Centre was established by Bishop Delargey, to provide a permanent vessel to carry the living rituals of the Catholic Church into the future of the Diocese of Auckland, New Zealand. This mission is reflected in our Maori name Te Kawe Ritenga Tapu – To carry the sacred rituals.

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