Liturgy Committees

Guidelines for Liturgy Committees, Catholic Diocese of Auckland.

Published by the Auckland Diocesan Liturgy Commission, this booklet is available from the Liturgy Centre, or click here to download as a pdf file.

Formation for Liturgy Committee meetings

Parish Liturgy Committees usually have very busy agendas.  This does not mean, however, that we should not take time at the start of each meeting to pray together.  It is also good to spend 20 minutes after prayer on formation.  The  articles that follow come from our own publication, Liturgy, and are useful for this purpose.  We will keep adding to this list.  We suggest you direct your members to read a particular article before the meeting and share learnings and thoughts with other committee members at the meeting before you move on to the business part of the agenda.

Directive in the use of ‘Yahweh’ in Liturgy

A Reflection Resource

Holy Mass in Bali part one

Holy Mass in Bali part two

Let the Children Come

Liturgy Committee formation part 1

Liturgy Committee formation part 2

On the Use of Altar Bells

Parish Music Ministry

Reflections for those in Ministry


National Liturgy Office newsletters:

Quick Guide September 2017

Quick Guide May 2017

Quick Guide April 2017

Excellent articles on the liturgy are available on the Pastoral Liturgy website, many can be downloaded and reprinted for parish use.  Pastoral Liturgy is a journal published 6 times a year by Liturgical Training Publications (LTP) in Chicago.

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