Ceremony Booklet

Steps to creating your “Ceremony Booklet”. 


  1. As a couple, Discuss and Decide on your “Wish List”

There are readings, psalms and songs that are typically used in Catholic Nuptial Masses. Spend time together researching these – you might find some that stand out to you as a couple and that you would like to include in your Nuptial Mass.


  1. Meet with your Priest (Celebrant)

Don’t worry about knowing very little about planning your Nuptial Mass! Your priest will be very familiar with this process and should be able to provide a lot of guidance.


  1. Prepare the Content

Start compiling the content you’d like (e.g. readings, songs, message from the Bride & Groom). Remember to check the content with your priest, especially if you have some explanations of the Mass in your booklet.


  1. Design your Booklet

You can do this in a number of ways (the options range from the least effort and most expensive, to the most effort and least expensive): Engage a graphic designer, use a template, or start from scratch and do it yourself.

A simple Google search will bring up some websites where you can download templates for free or purchase them e.g. Etsy.com. A template contains text, font and images – so all you need to do is to customise it to your needs and get it printed.

Here is a free basic template (Microsoft Word) from a Catholic wedding held in Auckland. You can use this to get you started or have a look to get some ideas.


  1. Print

You can either print your booklets yourself or engage a printing company.


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