Feedback from our courses

In order to continually improve our ministry, we solicit feedback from couples throughout our courses.

If you have additional feedback that you would like to share with us, please use the contact page to do so.

The Marriage and Family Office has selected the comments below as a sample of all feedback received. Comments are provided for information only, and are not necessarily endorsed by the Marriage and Family team.

Commit – one to one session with then engaged couple and a married facilitating couple.

  • Commit was very helpful and opened a lot of door for discussion we have never had before.
  • The course brought us closer as a couple and has unearthed feelings we had not discussed with each other.
  • Our facilitators were warm, welcoming and non-judgmental.
  • It provided insightful information how to be better prepared for marriage.
  • The depth of discussion covered was excellent.
  • I liked being in a safe environment where we could discuss issues freely.
  • I felt it was a safe place to say what we needed to say and discuss. It opened topics and forced us to talk about issues we may avoid.

Love is a Decision:

  • I liked the variety of content. I thought it was very helpful understanding the different ways we both communicate and how we can effectively talk through issues.
  • I found myself surprised at how emotional I became as the course gave me a much greater sense of the enormity and potential of marriage.
  • Facilitators were great, gave concrete true life examples which I could relate to. Excellent speakers and presenters. 
  • I am very glad I attended the course. I have a better understanding about my partner, our compatibility and how we can make our relationship better. 
  • Enjoyed the session on covenant with Fr. It was very helpful and insightful.
  • The course helped me realize marriage is not about changing others but being able to be open in compromising and accepting  your partner.
  • I feel better equipped for relationships problems etc. in the future.
  • I especially liked the part: “Love is a decision”. I feel overwhelmed that I went on the course and am eager to put all these materials into practice. I am confident that if we follow the guidelines given we will have a successful marriage.
  • I leave this course feeling a new person with better insight, happy in making our relationship stronger than before.