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January is a great time of year to go on pilgrimage. In 2019 pilgrimage group will make their way to Panama for World Youth Day. Closer to home each year we recognise the Anniversary of the First Mass in New Zealand which was celebrated by Bishop Pompallier. The Anniversary Mass is celebrated each year at Totara Point.  Can’t go away on pilgrimage?  A labyrinth or day retreat can also be a great option.  You could make your own labyrinth or visit a labyrinth at Devonport or Grey Lynn.

For pilgrimage resources go to iPrepare.









It’s a new year.  Do you have new members in your group?  Games and activities that have people getting to know each other are important so that you get to know new people and they get to know exiting members of the group.   A couple of our favs are:

Gifts: a resource that lets people identify and share their own gifts.

Meeting Activities: Includes two “get to know each other” type activities.

The beginning of a new year is also a good time to reach out and invite others to join your youth community.  Here are some evangelisation ideas.








Lent is often a good time to build some outreach/service into your programme.  Called to Action is a faith formation experience designed for 13-17 year olds.  This two-part programme encourages participants to learn about Catholic Social teaching (pick from one of seven Catholic Social teaching themes) and explore justice issues through the eyes of their faith.  The programme gives participants an opportunity to engage in a service experience in their own community.

Themes of Lent gives you a one-page summary of key themes for the Lenten season.







At the Easter Vigil Mass we often renew our baptismal promises but what do we really believe?  The iBelieve resource explores this question line by line through the Apostles’ Creed. This resource is comprised of nine sessions, seven
of which explore particular aspects of the Apostles’
Creed. The first and last sessions help to introduce
and tie-up the ideas in the programme.  Each session contains relevant scripture, prayer and a song. These are followed by one or two activities which help to break open the theme of the session, and a tool for incorporating aspects of the theme
into prayer and life.



Mother Mary is often a focus in May.  Check out our Mary resource for session ideas.  Or check Faith Central for Mary – Woman of Faith.

1 May is International Workers Day so May is a great month to look at the dignity of all work and the rights of all workers.










World Environment Day – 5 June

World Day against Child Labor (12 June)

Week of Action:  Refugees and Migrants (17-24 June)

Caritas: Resource

ACYM: Refugees – activities and discussion points from Refugee Sunday at

Birthday of Suzanne Aubert (19 June)
Find out about Suzanne Aubert direct from the Sisters of Compassion or find Aubert resources and videos online at Faith CentralThe Nativity of St John the Baptist (24 June)Feast of Saints Peter and Paul (29 June)

 14-15 July




 World Youth Day Auckland.  As we journey towards WYD Auckland we remember the theme of this year is “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God” (Lk 1:30).  If you would like to explore this theme with your young people in preparation for WYD Auckland we recommend Fearless (Resource 8 of Young People YOU Are the Church of Today).
29 July




Caring Sunday: a time to care for local families and communities who struggle with the effects of poverty

Community Service 

Community Service ideas

5-12 August












Building on WYD Auckland and as we journey towards the International Synod on Young People, the Faith and Discernment of Vocation we recommend the resources from Young People YOU Are the Church of Today.

National Vocations Awareness Week is 5-12 August.   If you would like to explore vocation in the context of finding one’s place in the world today take a look at Resource 7 of Young People YOU Are the Church of Today.

Hiroshima (focus on anti-nuclear Aotearoa New Zealand) – 6 August

Feast of St Mary of the Cross – 8 August

International Day of Indigenous – 9 August

Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary – Holy Day of Obligation, Patronal Feast for New Zealand – 15 August

Cancer Society Daffodil Day (Last Friday of August)

1 September Random Acts of Kindness Day
1 September – 4 October Season of Creation

Laudato Si resources online from Auckland Diocese or Caritas or Faith Central.

First Sunday in Sept Father’s Day
10-16 September Te Reo Māori Wiki
9-15 September Social Justice Week

Caritas activities and teachings

Catholic Social Teaching videos

October In October we often focus on care of the environment.

Care of Creation is a resource from our Called to Action programme.

Young people are coming to the ‘business end’ of the academic year.  Content that supports them at this time of year like exam/study techniques and writing prayers of faithful or just chilling over a movie can all be good options.