New National Director for The Catholic Institute

10 March 2017

From Bishop Patrick Dunn, Chair, The Catholic Institute Trust Board

I am pleased to advise you that the TCI Council, with the agreement of the TCI Trust Board, has appointed Gerald Scanlan as the new Director for The Catholic Institute.

Gerald will take over the Director responsibilities currently held by Professor Anne Tuohy, which will allow her to focus solely on her academic leadership role of Academic Dean.  Anne notified the Council of TCI last year of her desire to step away from the operational leadership role.

Gerald brings a strong mix of skills and experience to the Director role.  He has led teams and managed operations in the public, private and non-profit sectors, and consulted to public and non-profit organisations on strategy, leadership, business improvement and change.  Gerald worked with Professor Tuohy on the organisational changes she introduced at TCI in 2013, and facilitated two staff gatherings, as well as a TCI Council strategy conversation.  Gerald’s most recent role was General Manager for the Catholic Diocese of Dunedin.  His previous roles were all based in Wellington.

The TCI Council has appointed Gerald on a one-year fixed term contract to lead TCI through the process of confirming the best future organisational arrangements for delivering academic qualifications in theology, religious education, Christian leadership and pastoral ministry for the New Zealand Catholic church.

Gerald will undertake the role on a 0.7 FTE basis.  After an initial period of familiarisation in the Wellington office, Gerald will work alternate weeks in Wellington and Dunedin, where he lives with his wife, Geraldine.

I take this opportunity to express the Council’s deep gratitude to Professor Tuohy for her leadership of TCI over the past six years.  She has built a highly capable, credible and professional organisation, which is well-placed for whatever changes happen over the next year or so.  I am delighted that the Council will retain her academic leadership under the new arrangement.

I also take this opportunity to welcome Gerald to The Catholic Institute.  I know that meeting staff and stakeholders will be an early priority for him, and I know he can count on your support for a smooth transition.

Gerald will begin as Director on Wednesday 15 March.

Bishop Patrick Dunn, Chair TCI Trust Board

Malcolm Farry, Chair, TCI Council



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