Regional Pastoral Councils

“For the renewal of parishes and for a better assurance of their effectiveness in work, various forms of cooperation even on the institutional level ought to be fostered among diverse parishes in the same area.”

Christifideles Laici, 26. (On the Vocation and Mission of the Lay Faithful), Pope John Paul II, 1988.

To foster a more effective co-operation among the faithful, the Auckland diocese organize its parishes into regional groupings.

The 65 parishes in the diocese are geographically grouped into seven regions.

The Bishop recommends that a regional pastoral council is set up in order to assess the pastoral needs of the region.

The council should be composed by two representatives (a man and a woman) from each parish, the clergy and religious orders engaged in the region.

Regional pastoral council are not just communication structures but opportunities for members to have a wider experience of Church through reflections, discussions and formations on diocesan and universal Church documents and teachings.

Regional pastoral councilors are encouraged to take back to their parishes the insight and knowledge they received in order to strengthen their communities in the effort to spread the good news in words and deeds in their neighbourhoods.

There are currently three regional pastoral councils that are functioning; Te Tai Tokerau, North Shore and Eastern.