Article Five

The Resurrection

On the third day he rose again from the dead.

Watch the video and ponder the questions.
Share your responses with friends or the group.

The Resurrection

Questions to Ponder

  1. Meditate on Luke 24:1-12.
  • What words or phrases strike you as you hear the account?
  • What feelings emerge for you as you hear the account?
  1. What did you hear, read, see, in the stimulus material?
  • What excited you?
  • What confirmed something for you?
  • What questions are raised for you?
  1. How would you explain the Resurrection to someone who didn’t believe in Jesus?
  1. How does the Resurrection of Jesus change the way you deal with confusion, fear and disappointment in your own life?
  1. How does belief in the Resurrection influence your life as a Christian?
    What difference does the Resurrection make in your life?

Points to consider:

  • The Life, Death and Resurrection Mystery is the central event of our Faith.
  • The Sacraments are an extension of the Paschal Mystery.
  • The resurrection of Christ is the crowning of our Faith.
  • Resurrection is not resuscitation, the reviving a dead body nor were the resurrection appearances those of a spirit. Literally Jesus resurrection was the raising of a dead body to life.
  • The Good News of risen Lord is death is not the end of life. Christians know that there is life after death and live their lives mindful of this reality.
  • Jesus’ life and death can only be understood in light of the resurrection.