Article Four

The Passion

…suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried; he descended into hell;

The Message of the Cross

Watch the video and ponder the questions.
You might also like to explore the differences and similarities of the four Passion accounts found in the New Testament with Fr Felix Just SJ.
Share your responses with friends or the group.

Questions to Ponder

  1. What did you hear, read, see, in the stimulus material?
  • What excited you?
  • What confirmed something for you?
  • What questions are raised for you?
  1. We hear an account of the Passion on both Palm Sunday and Good Friday – what details do you remember?
    1. Share in the group.
    2. Why do those things strike you as important?
  2. Why did Jesus suffer and die such a horrible death?
    1. What’s the point?
  3. Much has been written about who is responsible for Jesus’ death. In these scriptures there are three groups involved. Who are they? What part did each play? Where were the disciples during all of this?
  4. Keeping all of this in mind, whom do you consider to be responsible for Jesus’ death?

Points to consider:

Points to consider:

  • Christ suffered and died at a particular time in history.
  • Jesus suffered a violent and public death.
  • Fully human Jesus truly suffered and really died.
  • By his death Jesus “loved us to the end”.
  • Christ’s death is unique and definitive – he wasn’t asleep in the tomb for three days he was dead.
  • Pontius Pilate made a conscious decision to put Jesus to death.