Article Six

The Ascension

…he ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of God the Father almighty;

Watch the video and ponder the questions.
Share your responses with friends or the group.

The Acension

Questions to Ponder

  1. What did you hear, read, see, in the stimulus material?
  • What excited you?
  • What confirmed something for you?
  • What questions are raised for you?
  1. Divide into two groups.
    • One group read Acts 1:6-11,
    • The other group read Luke 24:44-49.
      What do you learn about the meaning of the Ascension from the two accounts?
      How are the followers of Jesus after the Ascension?
      How does the Ascension change their lives?
  2. What does the Ascension mean for people today?
    What is the message the Ascension has for you personally?
    What is the message of the Ascension for the Church today?

Points to consider:

  • For forty days after the resurrection Jesus showed himself to the disciples.
  • Jesus then left this world to be with his Father in heaven.
  • Christ ascends body and soul into heaven.
  • We know by faith that we too can be one with God in eternal life.
  • Christ prays with us for our needs.
  • After the Ascension into heaven, Jesus remains fully human and fully divine he did not give up his human nature.
  • Through his Ascension Jesus is no longer limited to being in one place at one particular time he is with everyone, everywhere.