Catechist Mass

Come Let us Celebrate

All Catechists families and friends are invited to celebrate and give thanks for the ministry of the Catechist.

Bishop Pat will preside at the Vigil Mass of the thirty-second Sunday of Ordinary Time.

  • Cathedral of St Patrick and St Joseph
  • Saturday 11 November
  • 5.00pm.

At this Mass parish Catechists will be acknowledged for their contribution to the life and mission of the Church.

To facilitate this celebration the Religious Education team ask that you provide the details of a contact person who will receive details about the Mass and pass them on to the appropriate people.  Please send the name and e-mail details of this contact person to by the 30 September.

Parishes have been sent a form that needs to be completed by 30 October – it is available for online completion below. Please have it completed digitally to ensure that the names of those receiving certificates is correct.

As this is the first celebration of this type and therefore a number of people will be recognised, we ask that you provide the names of Catechists who will be present on the day for certificates.  Others will be able to receive acknowledgement at future celebrations.

Parish (required)

Yes, we will be attending.No-one from our parish is attending

Note: Please put only names of catechists who will be actually attending.

Affirmation Certificates required for the following people for between 10 and 20 years Ministry:

Affirmation Certificates required for the following people for over 20 years Ministry:

Name of parish reader:
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Name(s) of priests wishing to concelebrate:

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