The Domestic Church

Being Catholic is about being part of a big international family. A family that encompasses people of every age and stage. One of the ways we learn to be a Domestic Church is by being a member of a Christian family. The Christian family is in fact often referred to as the Domestic Church. It is within the family that we first learn to pray, love and to belong.

The Ministry of Christian parenting is challenging, especially in today’s secularised world. Click here to learn more about being a Christian parent today.

This short video looks at the Catholic Church as an international family. Watch it together and discuss how your experience of Church membership is reflected. Consider the images and short stories that you would insert if you we making a video: We are the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church teaches that family is important. Sometimes family life doesn’t seem perfect. A Bishop  shares some great overviews on how virtually anyone can enjoy a happy home life.