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Learning about Faith and having Fun

Each month, twelve activity ideas based on the liturgical life of the Church are provided. They offer families with young children the opportunity to do fun things together that also teach something about the richness of the Catholic tradition.  The overview sheet can be printed off.

Download the latest Fun Together here. You can also find the activities online.

Meet Carly

Dear Friends,

As a recent Catholic, I am rediscovering the Liturgical Calendar as a wonderful springboard to pass on truths to our children about our breathtaking Creator and His Redemptive plans toady and throughout history gone by.

The attached ideas come from you, Pinterest and some of my favourite blogs (including and I have tweaked North American ideas to our seasons and swapped in more relevant saints and our local festivities.

I’ve included a variety of activities each month for you to pick and choose from. These include conversations you can have around the dinner table and activities which will get the family engaged and praying together. Remember to include your own family’s Baptism and Confirmation anniversaries. We will be celebrating ours by pulling out our Baptism/Confirmation candles to light over dinner, and looking at photos of these special events.

My husband encouraged me to include a lot of pictures so the Activity Sheets grab kids’ attention on the fridge. My prayer is that these ideas help you pass on our faith to the next generation!

Have fun! God bless, Carly x