January 2018 Faith Fun

January 2018 – The Month of the Holy Name of Jesus

Make the beginning of 2018 memorable for the family with fun and treats. Talk about your favourite tings in 2017 and about plans and goals for this year. Choose a Patron Saint for your family for 2018:


During the month of January, make a beautiful, decorative sign or piece of artwork with Jesus’ name on it to honour the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Visit Catholic Icing blog for ideas:


The Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God is Monday 1 January. Follow this link to create a memory game for the Feast Days of the Blessed Virgin Mary:


Go stargazing to celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord (Sunday 7 January). Find the brightest stars in the sky. Discuss how the wise men might have felt while they were travelling to meet the new king, Jesus.

To celebrate the Baptism of Our Lord (Monday 8 January), share pictures of your baptisms. Talk about how Jesus’ cousin John the Baptist baptised him, and remember who baptised you.

St Anthony (Wednesday 17 January), the father of monks, retired to the desert at about eighteen to live in perfect solitude. Pray for those in monastic life and pray for a resurgence of vocations to this life.

St Francis de Sales (Wednesday 24 January) is a doctor of the church and patron of many things, including Patron of hte Deaf. Ask St Francis’ intercession for all who suffer (temporary of permanent) hearing loss.

Conversion of St Paul the Apostle (Thursday 25 January). God chose Saul to be His instrument to share the Good News with the Gentiles. Talk with your children about how God has a purpose and plan for each person that places their faith in Jesus.

Youtube: http://bit.ly/1O96tVe

Sts Timothy and Titus (Friday 26 January) were both St Paul’s disciples and both wrote letters to the early church found in the New Testament. Learn the names of the books of the New Testament by listening to Phil Joel’s song “New Testament” on the album “Deliberate Kids”.


St John Bosco (Wednesday 31 January) learned how to juggle and do other tricks at a young age. This provided opportunities for him to teach the children attracted to him. Think of different activities that you could do to attract others and share your faith – perhaps juggling, putting on a puppet show, reading a story.

The January Activity Sheet

The activity sheet containing these ideas can be downloaded below. You can then print them off and stick them on your fridge as Carly suggests.

January 2018