July 2017 Faith Fun

July 2017 – The Month of the Most Precious Blood

Build something with LEGO or other blocks on the feast of St Thomas the Apostle, patron saint of architects (Monday 3 July ).

Watch “The Story of Doubting Thomas” on pursueGOD.org. Jesus loves it when we believe in Him, even though we’ve never seen Him!


Pray for all monks and religious, and ask the Lord to help you lead a simple, beautiful life.

“Put nothing, absolutely nothing, before Christ.”

St Benedict, Abbot (Tuesday 11 July)

Visit Real Life at Home blog to print a Word Search for saints who have their feast days in July:


St Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor, practiced poverty (Friday 15 July). As a family discuss how you can live aspects of the virtue of poverty: spending money wisely, not bragging about what you own, depending on God for help, and living inexpensively.

Visit Under Her Starry Mantle blog to do a felt craft during the month of July, dedicated to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus.


Make empty tomb rolls to remember St Mary Magdalene (Saturday 22 July) was present to see both the empty tomb and Christ resurrected.

Rolls with marshmallows wrapped inside, which become hollow as they bake, representing the tomb of Jesus on Easter morning – when you break them open they are empty inside!

Go fishing, visit Catholic Icing blog to do a fish craft (http://bit.ly/1UavDFY), or just play Go Fish in honour of St James the Apostle who was a fisherman (Tuesday 25 July).

Visit or call your grandparents to celebrate Ss Joachim and Anne, grandparents of Jesus (Wedesday 22 July).

Pope Francis encourages us to be good stewards of the planet God created for us. Explore ways to help the environment through your actions at home.

Prepare a meal or treat for someone special, just as St Martha did for Jesus when He visited her home in Bethany (Saturday 29 July).

St Ignatius of Loyola (Monday 31 July) founded the Society of Jesus to serve the Church and the Pope as best possible. In addition to vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, Jesuits take a special vow of loyalty to the Pope.

Say a prayer for Pope Francis today.

The July Activity Sheet

The activity sheet containing these ideas can be downloaded below. You can then print them off and stick them on your fridge as Carly suggests.

July 2017