March 2018 Faith Fun

March 2018 – The Month of St Joseph

Pray the Our Father for Pope Francis on Tuesday 13 March, the anniversary of Pope Francis’ election (2013).

Find a three leaf clover and talk about the Trinity on St Patrick’s Day (Saturday 17 March).

Visit Shower of Roses blog to create St Joseph (Monday 19 March) Memory Cards:

Attend the Stations of the Cross at your parish during Lent.

Buy or create your own Resurrection Eggs to prepare to tell the Easter story during Holy Week:

Visit Mommy Snippets blog to make Hosanna Branch Wavers for Palm Sunday (Sunday 25 March).

On Monday of Holy Week (26 March) we remember Jesus cleansed the Temple saying, “Is it not written that, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.‘?” (Mark 11:17)

On Tuesday of Holy Week (27 March) we remember that Jesus explained the destruction of the Jerusalem. Today all that remains of the Temple is the “Wailing Wall”.

On Wednesday of Holy Week (28 March) we remember that Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver (Matthew 28:15).

Attend Mass and witness foot washing on Holy Thursday (Thursday 29 March). Watch Catholic Online’s explanation og Holy Thursday:

Climb a hill on Good Friday to remember Jesus climbing Calvary for us. (Friday 30 March).

Make cards of encouragement for those in your parish’s RCIA programme, and consider attending the Easter Vigil (31 March) to support them.

The March Activity Sheet

The activity sheet containing these ideas can be downloaded below.  You can then print them off and stick them on your fridge as Carly suggests.

March 2018

The Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus

Jesus lived, died and rose again.  This short cartoon video summarises the key facets of each of these aspects of Jesus’ life.