July 2018 Faith Fun

Visit Under Her Starry Mantle blog to do a felt craft during the month of July, that recognizes Jesus great love for us and the sacrifice he made:​ ​

Watch “The Story of Doubting Thomas” on ​pursueGOD.org
​ Jesus loves it when we believe in Him, even though we’ve never seen Him!​ ​

Early ​Church history and tradition teaches us that each day of the week has a theme which can help us to celebrate ordinary time.

Sunday: The Weekly Easter Celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and renew your baptismal vows for the coming week. Sunday is a feast day. Celebrate with festive meals, spending quality time as a family.

Tuesday​: Honour the Apostles Read about the apostles in the Bible. Get to know their names, about their lives and personalities.

Thursday​: Reverence the Eucharist The Eucharist is the pinnacle of our faith. God allows us to meet Him face-to-face in this sacrament. Ask Jesus to make yourself aware of his presence with you – always.

Saturday​: Honour Our Blessed Mother Fresh flowers in front of an image of Mary, a decade of the Rosary after dinner, or any offering, will be gladly accepted by our Mother, Mother of God, Mother of the Church. 

Visit or call grandparents to celebrate​ Sts Joachim and Anne​, grandparents of Jesus (Thursday 26 July). 

Build something with lego or other blocks on the feast of St Thomas, Apostle, ​patron saint of architects (Tuesday 3 July). 

Pray for all monks and religious, and ask the Lord to help you lead a simple, beautiful life. “Put nothing, absolutely nothing, before Christ.” St Benedict, Abbot​ (Wednesday 11 July). 

M​o​nday​: Honour the Holy Angels Traditionally Monday has been dedicated to honouring the Holy Angels, which includes guardian angels and archangels. Make mention of this and recite angel prayers. 

Wednesday​: Honour St Joseph St Joseph is the patron of families and especially fathers. Discuss fatherhood, being a hard worker, and knowing Jesus intimately.

Friday​: Meditate on Christ’s Passion and Death On Fridays we remember Jesus’ Passion. The Church asks us to make some sort of sacrifice on this day. Traditionally, this was abstinence from meat, but something else might be more appropriate for your family, e.g. no sweets or TV or screen time or…

Go fishing, visit ​Catholic Icing blog to do a​ ​fish craft or just play ​Go Fish in honour of ​St James the Apostle​ who was a fisherman (Wednesday 25 July). 

St Ignatius of Loyola ​(Tuesday 31 July) founded the Society of Jesus to serve the Church and the Pope as best possible. In addition to vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, Jesuits take a special vow of loyalty to the Pope. Say a
​prayer for Pope Francis today. 

For a hard copy of these July Activities download the PDF. July 2018 Maybe you could put it on your fridge!