Exploring What it means to be Catholic Today

Parents are the first educators of their child in faith

There are lots of responses to this statement:

Fine but we are busy. We live good lives. Isn’t that enough?
Fine but we send them to a  Catholic school, Isn’t that enough?
Fine we go to Mass – when we can.  Isn’t that enough? 

Explore ways of learning about faith, together as a family.
Not theological heavy stuff but fun, informative activities and links that help you explore faith together as a family.


Busted Halo have put together this great video that explains what we mean about the Body and Blood of Christ. It’s suitable for older children and great background for parents.

The Our Father

The prayer that Jesus taught us to pray. This short video offers a unique look at the Lord’s Prayer via a colourful stop-motion animation. It is a great way to teach about the importance of the Our Father.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation enables us to reconnect with God when we have turned away due to the choices we have made. This short video explores what the sacrament is about and how to prepare well. It is a great video if you are beginning preparation for First Reconciliation.

Penance is the official name for Reconciliation

Where is That?

Place names in the Bible can be long, unpronounceable and missing from modern maps.  Bible Geography for Kids  is a fun site that explores the Biblical words through a series of maps, tools and hands on activities.  Next time you hear an unfamiliar place name you know where to establish its exact place and role in the Love Story of God.