A Time of Reflection and Action

Lent is the season immediately before Easter. It is a time of reflection as we endeavour to understand more fully God’s great love for us and prepare to celebrate the Paschal Mystery; the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.
Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts forty days until Easter. As all Sundays are ‘Days of Resurrection’ the Sundays during the season are not part of the ’40 days’.

Lenten things to do together

WHAT IS LENT? This short video answers many of the questions people have about Lent. You can get the answers to such questions as: Why 40 days? Why is the colour of Lent Purple?
You can also read the questions and answers directly from the Loyola Press Website.

Exploring the meaning of Lent

LENT AT HOME Activities for a Busy Catholic Family
Home is “where the heart is”. Lenten experiences can take place anywhere and the home is an important place of evangelisation. These simple activities provide the opportunity to create Lent space in the home.

  1. Go to Mass as a family
  2. Forget the Alleluias
  3. Sing your heart out
  4. Give up or do more
  5. Be Artistic
  6. Connect with the Earth
  7. Bake
  8. Give to those less fortunate
  9. Say thanks

More things to do as a family during Lent

  • Read the Bible every day as a family – find a children’s version or an on-line edition.
  • On Holy Thursday hold a family foot-washing prayer.
  • Find parishes that offer Stations of the Cross and attend the mass as a family.
  • Make cards of encouragement to those in your parish’s RCIA program. After a lot of study and prayer, most of them will be received into the Church at the Easter Vigil.
  • Choose a Lenten action to do as a family. Is there something your family can give up that might help another family in need? Consider donating what you might spend on a meal out to a food bank instead. Or perhaps you could commit as a family to some social action, e.g. visit a rest home, do gardening for older members of the community.