A collection of prayers and prayer ideas.

Your family can pray together in fun and different ways.

Use Music and Images

Create Family Prayer

There are many ways to pray. We can use all sorts of items to call us to and help use to pray. This is an extensive list of ways you pray as a family such as:

Prayer Calendar: At the beginning of each month, fill in a blank calendar with at least one prayer concern for each day. Use it every day, such as at dinner time.

Pope Francis’ Prayer Guide


Pray All Ways at All Times

Signs of the Cross on the Body Prayer

Gather in a suitable space and have someone read the prayer. Individuals can sign themselves or sign on others. One parent might sign each child as the other parent prays the prayer.

On the ears (that I/you might listen for God’s voice and hear God’s Word)

On the eyes (that I/you might see God’s glory in all of life)

On the lips (that I/you might say the name of Christ and speak of God to others)

On the heart (that I/you might remember that I am/you are loved by God and belong to God)

On the hands (that I/you might show God to others through my work and deeds)

On the feet (that I/you might follow Christ and walk in His way)


Headline Prayer

Lay out the newspaper (or swipe through a news app) and let each person choose a story to pray about.


Complete the Sentence Prayer:

Pray a prayer that has a variety of prayer types by using a simple ‘complete the sentence’ structure.

“Lord, you are…(praise and worship);

“Lord, forgive me for…(confession of sin);

“Lord, thank you for…(thanking God);

“Lord please help…(praying for other’s needs);

“Lord, I need…(pray for your needs)

Chocolate Chip Prayer

Make chocolate chip biscuits (or buy a packet).  When it comes to sharing them, everyone gets one and offers a prayer of thanks for every chocolate chip they discover!

ABC Prayers:

Take turns offering a prayer about something starting with each letter of the alphabet.

Global Prayer:

Spin a globe (or flip through pages of a world atlas). Where your finger lands, you’ll pray for that place in the world.


Candle Prayer

Light a tea light candle for every prayer that’s offered.  Encourage prayers of petition, thanksgiving and praise.