Some good book resources…

GrandpasHatGrandpa’s Hat – Jen Cowley, illustrated by Mark Horton
(Jennifer ZT Cowley)

Grandpa’s hat is the story of Jennywren and all her favourite animals, who help her discover that although her Grandpa is gone, he doesn’t have to be forgotten.


Cow-Horse – Nicola SehnertCowHorse
(Xlibris LLC)

“One normal day, a not so normal foal was born in the broodmare paddock”, so begins this delightful (NZ) story about being different. Because he had a funny coat and a strange way of getting about, the mares named this “not so normal” foal, Dud. After a while Dud finds a place where he is accepted among the cows! Now his journey begins.

BeingSadBeing Sad When Someone Dies: A Book about Grief – Linus Mundy,  illustrated by Anne Fitzgerald
(Abbey Press)

For children who are “new” at so many things, it can be a very difficult experience to lose a loved one. For the very young the finality of death is hard to understand. How, after all, could something like this happen? The author offers practical coping skills to help young readers understand their feelings of grief and reassurance that, some way, somehow, things can be good again.

SometimesAfraidSometimes I’m Afraid: A Book about Fear – Michaelene Mundy, illustrated by Anne Fitzgerald
(Abbey Press)

We want our kids to be safe, happy, and well adjusted. But we all know that our children, like us, have to face a lot of difficult things in their lives. And one of them is fear. The author helps young readers understand what it means to be afraid and how to find courage and support in their friends and loved ones.

SamsMissingSmileSamantha Jane’s Missing Smile – Julie Kaplow, illustrated by Beth Spiegel
(Magination Press)
Samantha Jane hasn’t been smiling much lately. She lost her smile about a month ago. That was when her dad died.

Samantha Jane misses her father very much. Sometimes the sadness feels so big she is afraid to let herself feel it. Sammy jane is also worried about her mother, and whether they are all going to be happy again someday. But then she feels guilty. Is it right to feel happy when her father can’t be here to enjoy life. too?

Losing a parent is a profoundly life-changing event for a child. Samantha Jane’s Missing Smile gently guides families through the feelings, thoughts, and wishes that children experience when a parent dies, and offers helpful tools for lasting hope and happiness.

A Hot Cup of Chocolate – Rose Stanley, illustrated by Lisa Allen
(Duck Creek Press)
Johan thinks most problems in life can be solved by having a ‘magical’ cup of hot chocolate. He has a happy home, which he shares with Mum, Dad and little sister Lanie. But Johan’s friend Henry has a lot going on in his life and Johan finds out that being a supportive friend requires plenty of cups of hot chocolate … and a whole lot more!

emotions in motion – Rose Stanley, illustrated by Lisa Allen
(Duck Creek Press)
Everybody experiences all sorts of emotions at different times and in different situations. This book encourages children to identify their own emotions and be able to express and understand them. ’emotions in motion’ is a book for every parent, grand[parent, teacher or support person who wants to nurture a child in their life.

Tilly’s Big Problem – Rose Stanley, illustrated by Lisa Allen
(Duck Creek Press)
When Tilly’s big problem gets just too much for her, she confides in her friend Ned, who is pretty great at helping her with tricky stuff. But this time, even Ned can’t come up with a solution. However, he does have a great idea to help her find someone to talk to. Together they devise a plan, and have an adventure along the way …

(Note: Rose Stanley is a Seasons Companion in Auckland)

Two Homes – Claire Masurel, illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton
(Walker Books)
Alex has two homes, one where Daddy lives another where Mummy lives. Alex has two front doors, two bedrooms and two very different chairs. But whether Alex is with Mummy or Daddy, Alex knows that he is loved very much by both of them.

Mum and Dad Glue – Kes Gray, illustrated by Lee Wildish
(Hodder Children’s Books)
A powerful book about a little boy searching for a pot of parent glue to stick his mum and dad’s marriage back together. With a little help from Mavis, the friendly shop keeper, he soon realizes that even though his parents may be broken, their love for him is not.

WhenDadWasAwayWhen Dad Was Away – Liz Weir and Karin Lttlewood
(Frances Lincoln Children’s Books)
When Mum tells Milly that Dad has been sent to prison, Milly feels angry and confused. She can’t believe her dad won’t be at home to read her stories and make her laugh. This is a gentle and sensitive story showing how one family comes through a difficult time of separation, by an author and illustrator who have extensive experience of working with prisoners and their families.

The Scar – Charlotte Moundlic, illustrated by Olivier Tallec
(Walker Books)
When Mum dies, the little boy in this book knows that she is never going to come back. How can he make sure he always remembers her?

No Matter What (includes audio CD) – Debi Gliori
(Bloomsbury Paperbacks)
“I’m a grim and grumpy little Small and nobody loves me at all,” said a small fox. But it’s not true and Small’s mother is determined to prove it. A delightful book about setting big worries to rest.