Confronting Abuse

Auckland diocese has a Sexual Abuse Protocol Committee, which investigates complaints, and makes recommendations to the Bishop. Complaints are handled compassionately and respectfully. They are investigated as thoroughly and speedily as possible, to ensure a fair outcome. The welfare of a victim is a primary concern.

Abuse can be sexual, physical or emotional. The Church takes reports of all forms of abuse seriously. Criminal sexual or physical abuse is a matter for the police to investigate, if that is the wish of the victim/survivor. If the abuse is reported to the police, the Church will not protect the accused/offender from the processes of civil law nor hide the facts from those who are entitled to know them.

A provisional protocol for dealing with complaints of abuse was adopted by the bishops in 1993. In 1998 the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference and the Congregational Leaders of Aotearoa New Zealand published A Path to Healing, Te Houhanga Rongo.  This document has been revised, most recently in 2010, to ensure it reflects best practice.  The Church is indebted to those who have come forward, and encourages others who have experienced abuse to do the same.


Sr Jane O’Carroll on 09 360 3003 or


The Bishop of Auckland has approved a liturgy of healing, which can be found on the Liturgy Centre website.