Communication for Mission

My fourth priority is communication.   With the rapid growth of the new technologies we have the opportunity to assess what are the best communication strategies for us to succeed in proclaiming the Good News .

We will review our communication processes to identify the infra-structures required to make us ‘fit’ for mission technologically as well as in the other ways.


Fit with New Media

A FaceBook page created to support the use of New Media for Ministry in the Diocese. Hints and tricks as well as informative links are posted regularly.
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Why be Fit with New Media?

  • Overall participation with Church life is dropping.
  • Evangelisation and catechesis are a result of relationships.
  • Today a significant amount of time and energy is spent in building relationships through on-line mediums.
  • If we are to relate to people and invite them into a relationship with Jesus we need to meet them where they are… we need to connect.
  • We cannot ignore the power of on-line connections

The Church and Digital Culture

At the 2017 Religious Education Congress Bishop Paul Tighe, the Adjunct Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Culture, shared about sharing the Good News in the world we live in today.

Some Key Points

  • The message we have is the person of Jesus Christ.
  • The digital culture is not an add on to our real lives but part of the culture we live in today.
  • People make up the Church and expect the Church to engage with them in means that they are familiar with.
  • It doesn’t matter what we say through media unless our actions reflect our message.

We need to understand that social media or digital culture in general is changing the way people relate to each other. It’s changing the way people form community. It’s changing the way people communicate and share ideas. As an organization the Church  has a real interest in how we communicate with people or what we have to say with people and how we relate to people.

It is clear the Church has to think about what an appropriate presence for the church with its message of the Good News look like in the digital arena.

Bishop Paul Tighe, Vatican Media Guru

Tips for Using New Media confidently

Following the Fit for Mission: Using New Media Confidently seminar these tips were put together to help people engage with new ways of evangelizing, of being on mission.


  • We are building connections – relationships. One bread…one body…one community.
  • New Media is the tool – not the message.
  • Technology and New Media give us the means to  express the Good News in today’s world.
  • If we use new media wisely we will create, and grow real relationships.

We have a product which is extrodinary and we have to get our act together to bring it to as many people as possible. The way we [communicate] things at times is a total disaster and we have to be humble and say, ‘we need to do better’.

Bishop Charles Scicluna of Malta