Tu Kahikatea Awards Open

he New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference and its Office for Young People support the Tu Kahikatea Awards. Around New Zealand, the awards are judged based on one national criteria but are promoted, decided and awarded locally by the Diocesan Youth & Young Adult Ministry Team and/or Commission.

The Awards are about recognising the gift that youth and young adults are to the Catholic Church in Aotearoa New Zealand and thanking them for the outstanding contributions they make to their community. They are named after the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference statement – Tu Kahikatea: Standing Tall – A Framework for Catholic Ministry with Young People in Aotearoa New Zealand (see www.catholic.org.nz for a copy).

Nominations are now open, and you can download more information and a nomination form by clicking Nomination Form. Last date to apply is 1st November.

For an example of how to complete the award nomination Example Nomination.

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Here is a picture of the recipients from 2016








Previous recipients of a Tu Kahikatea Award 


Chantelle D'Souza - Community Life
Daniel D'Souza - Community Life
Lupe Vete - Community Life
Reynold Sanchez - Community Life
Sinai Siakumi - Community Life
Tatupu Lemana - Community Life
Fidelis Drinnan-Lemana - Community Life
Reuben Su'a - Community Life
Alex Lui - Community Life
Chloe-Rose Barakat-Devine - Advocacy
Melania Watta -Evangelisation
Boris Baptist - Justice and Service
Phillipa Tulilo-Siilata - Justice and Service
Fiana Tuli - Leadership Development
John Henry Tavae - Leadership Development
Sanele Apikotoa - Pastoral Care
Abbott Heka - Pastoral Care
Anatessa Heka - Prayer and Worship



Tutangata Ama – Community Life
RC Bacit – Community Life
Luke Bulay  – Community Life
Shane Coleman – Justice and Service
Sofia Sagato Faatafa – Community Life
Megan Ferreira – Community Life
Patricia Leavai – Community Life
Shana Llorando  – Prayer and Worship
Angela Lopez  – Community Life
Keshia Pereira  – Community Life
Dwain Quadros – Community Life
Lucia Tavite – Community Life
Peter Tanginoa – Community Life
Maria Vai  – Community Life

Michael Tanoai – Advocacy
Juan Paolo Guiang – Community Life
Etienne Baring – Community Life
Serena Davis – Community Life
Gary Piedade – Community Life
Roxanne van Rooy – Community Life
Francis Abraham – Community Life
Mateos Abraham – Community Life
Alex de Vreis – Catechesis
Sarah Kassid – Catechesis
Ranny Kettoola – Pastoral Care
Fiona Holani Liava’s – Prayer and Worship

Ralston D’Souza – Community Life
Chelsea Tevaga – Community Life
Cedric Tevaga – Community Life
Joseph Filipo – Community Life
Gene Kiely – Justice and Service
Christian Malaitai – Catechesis

Irene Budiono – Community Life
Andrew Quirke – Justice and Service
Danny Kettoola – Leadership Development
Charmian Oh – Leadership Development

Luke Spencer – Catechesis
Antony Andrews – Community Life
Maria Pais – Community Life
Dany Rassam – Community Life
Crystal Rego – Community Life
Andrew Malele – Leadership Development
Yvonne Purcell – Leadership Development
Patrick Katoa – Prayer and Worship
Sara Malik – Prayer and Worship
Raffi Rassam – Prayer and Worship
Aaron William – Prayer and Worship

Claire Metcalf – Community Life
Simon Metcalf – Community Life
Denis Tutaka – Community Life
Cecelia van den Bogaart – Community Life
Quita Clifton – Community Life
Una Daly – Prayer and Worship
Marjorie Maximiano – Leadership Development
Kathleen Wojcik – Catechesis