Year Of Mercy Resources

Pope Francis declared 2016 as the Jubilee Year of Mercy. He encourages the young people to focus on one spiritual and corporal work of Mercy each month.

Every month, the ACYM team will be uploading resources that focuses on the different spiritual and corporal works of Mercy. These resources contain creative prayers, fun activities along with debrief points, a reflection tool, etc. We encourage youth group leaders to use these resources with their groups.

Please click on the link below to access the resources.

Introductory Activity:

Year of Mercy – Introductory Activity to find out what the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy are

To have a deeper understanding on the Spiritual Works of Mercy, Word Search Activity – Spiritual Works of Mercy (pdf) | Word Search Activity – Spiritual Works of Mercy (word doc)













Year of Mercy – Introductory Activity (helps understand what the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy are)

Screenshot (29)















Bury the dead | Pray for the living and the dead

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Counsel the doubtful | Visit the Imprisoned











To Instruct the Ignorant | Feed the Hungry













To Forgive Offenses Willingly | To Bury the Dead












To Bear Wrongs Patiently | To Give Drink to the Thirsty











To Comfort the Afflicted | To Visit the Sick




The Way of Mercy : A self guided pilgrimage of prayer through St Patrick’s Cathedral. In this year of mercy we invite you to take a pilgrimage and reflect on the Mercy of God as you visit St Patrick’s Cathedral. All bookings are to be made at the Cathedral. Click here to access this resource.