National Youth Ministry Conference Resources

Candles from Pania File Size is 329.12 KB

Handy Resources and Websites for Leaders File Size is 377.39 KB

Keynote 1 – Helen Bergin OP – Tuning in to the Holy Spirit File Size is 45.07 KB

Keynote 1 – Helen Bergin OP – Come Holy Spirit WCC Assembly 1991 File Size is 22.5 KB

Keynote 1 – Helen Bergin OP – Without the Holy Spirit 1994 File Size is 22.5 KB

Keynote 2 – Chris Duthie-Jung – Young Adults & Faith File Size is 1.94 MB

Keynote 3 – Serving the Poor with an Open Heart – Roby Curtis File Size is 180.67 KB

Opening Address made by Bishop Patrick Dunn File Size is 100.11 KB

Workshop 1A Tu Kahikatea for Beginners – Maria Pais File Size is 213.12 KB

Workshop 1B – Tu Kahikatea for Experienced Practitioners – Dan Siave File Size is 198.52 KB

Workshop 1C – Hikoi Tahi – Powerpoint File Size is 1.09 MB

Workshop 2A Peer Ministry – James Camden File Size is 325.13 KB

Workshop 2B The Parish-School Relationship building the most effective partnership – Chris Duthie-Jung File Size is 386.12 KB

Workshop 3A Practical ways of making liturgy bicultural – Pa Petera Tipene File Size is 490.87 KB

Workshop 3B – Grief and Loss Handout File Size is 210.39 KB

Workshop 3B – Powerpoint File Size is 469.67 KB

Workshop 3B – Seasons for Growth Brochure File Size is 1.53 MB

Workshop 3B – Session Work File Size is 383.52 KB

Workshop 4A Taking Faith to the Edges of Society Article – Roby Curtis File Size is 223.53 KB

Workshop 4B – Thriving rather than just surviving in youth ministry – Blue Bradley File Size is 328.27 KB

Workshop 4C -Helping Young People become Digital Disciples File Size is 634.33 KB

Workshop 5B Tools for Sharing Faith through Outreach Article – Roby Curtis File Size is 341.28 KB

Workshop 5C – Connecting with young people on the edge of Church final File Size is 431.14 KB