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World Youth Day 2016 will be held in Krakow, Poland

Have a look at the official WYD 2016 website http://www.krakow2016.com/en/
Catholic Online has lots of information about Blessed John Paul II’s life: http://www.catholic.org/pope/jp2/
There is also a WYD 2016 Facebook page where you can get exciting news updates!

Update 1 | August 2014: We had an information evening about WYD in Poland 2016. The evening included a brief introduction about WYD, an indicative schedule of events, a possible estimate of costs as well as what we know about the event. The information sheet can be downloaded from the following link

WYD Poland Information Evening Update 4 – August 2015

WYD Poland Information Evening Update 3 – May 2015

WYD Poland Information Evening Update 2 – February 2015

WYD Poland Information Evening Update 1 – August 2014



Links to videos of WYD Rio Events, and Pope Francis’ addresses

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Orders can now be placed for the T-Shirts for WYD Poland! To see the design and to place an order, please click here. The cost per shirt is $30. Contact Joey (joeyb@cda.org.nz) for more information.

PicsWYD Poland 2016 Update:

We have around 24 young people who will be making their pilgrimage to Poland this year along with the Auckland Diocese. We encourage you to keep them in your prayers over the next few weeks.

WYD Poland Pilgrim blessing at the June Diocesan Youth Mass:

At the June Diocesan Youth Mass which is the Maori Miha we gave a blessing to those who will  be making their pilgrimage to Poland this year. Here is a picture of them with the Polish ambassador.


What is WYD Poland about?

26th-31st July 2016 has been announced as the official date of the XXXI World Youth Day, which will take place in Kraków in 2 years. A week earlier, on 20th-25th July 2016, all over Poland, will be “Days in the Dioceses”. These dates, proposed earlier by Pope Francis, the Metropolitan Diocese of Kraków, have been considered as the most appropriate dates; the Secretary of State of the Holy See has made their official approval. This means that the opening ceremony of the XXXI World Youth Day will be held in Kraków SIA in 872 days. Today, information is passed on to the public conductive Organising Committee World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz and Archbishop Damian Muskus.

During the “Days in the Dioceses”, around 300 thousand young people from abroad will visit their Polish peers in all the dioceses of the country outside of Kraków. From Wednesday (20th July) to Monday (25th July) the young you will be hosted by 43 Polish dioceses (not including Kraków), finding accommodation in the parishes and with families. The coordination of this stage deal with Diocesan World Youth Day Centres and the National Organization Office WYD Polish Bishops’ Conference.

After the end of “Days in the Dioceses”, on Monday, 25th July, the young pilgrims will go on the road to Kraków for the central events. During the last two days (Saturday and Sunday) the number of participants may be as high as 2 million people.

Framework Plan for the main WYD week in Kraków is as follows:

— Monday: arrival in Krakow and accommodation;
— Tuesday: Youth Festival, Opening Ceremony XXXI WYD Mass. under the chairmanship of the Metropolitan Diocese of Krakow;
— Wednesday: Catechesis in language groups, Youth Festival;
— Thursday: catechesis in language groups, welcome to the Holy Father, Festival of Young;
— Friday: catechesis in language groups, Youth Festival, Way of the Cross;
— Saturday: Festival of Young, Vigil with the Holy Father;
— Sunday Mass. End of the XXXI World Youth Day, the announcement of the next World Youth Day

More Information:
The World Youth Day organisers have launched some prayer campaigns for World Youth Day that we can be part of.  On the 16th of each month a Mass is being offered in Krakow for World Youth Day.  Although we may not be able to go to the Masses we can pray for World Youth Day on the 16th of each month. There is also a prayer campaign called P2P (person to person, prayer to prayer) where we are invited to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for World Youth Day every Sunday during Lent. Click here to go to the Facebook event.

Payment will be due in February or March 2016!  Here are a couple of documents of fundraising tips and ideas that you can use for WYD 2016 !
Fundraising handout Poland