World Youth Day 2019 – Panama











At a meeting in Rome in April 2017 the planning group for WYD Panama gave presentations.   Key details shared are shown below:

  • Dates: 22-27 January 2019
  • Competitions for the logo and hymn have been run. The Organising Committee are reviewing these currently and hope to make announcements soon.
  • Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama will be the three countries that host Days in the Diocese.
  • Target age for the international is 15+ (but know that within New Zealand we are likely to make the age range 18+). The same computer registration system as Poland will be used.  It is very important to register and pay on time so that they can get all the logistical aspects ready.   In Krakow the majority of pilgrims registered during the last 45 days which presented huge logistical challenges for the organisers.
  • If you are from the Auckland Diocese and keen to travel with the national pilgrimage group (which will be accompanied by Bishop Charles Drennan) please register with Rochelle Dias (  Please note that for safety reasons the minimum age for pilgrims is 18 years of age.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.
  • Accommodation options will include: 200,000 homes, local schools and sports centres.  Camping with space for people to have some leisure time is also being considered.
  • Panama will be organised into five zones. Each zone will have different activities with the intention that pilgrims will travel only for the main events.  Each zone will offer catechesis, festivals, information centres, water stations, first aid centres, cultural areas and places where you can purchase food.   There will be rest areas so that if young people feel tired they can have a rest and then go back to the main activities of WYD.
  • Public and private hospitals will be available for any medical issues.
  • Subway and local buses will be used for transporting pilgrims.
  • Special software will be provided for apps etc. There will be 1300 free of charge WIFI hotspots in and around Panama (including 150 in the capital city).
  • Contemplative prayer is encouraged in preparation for WYD Panama. The organisers specifically asked that contemplative orders in our home countries be asked to pray for WYD Panama.

Note:  A number of countries had real concerns about safety in Poland and as a result of this are restricting pilgrims travelling to those aged 18 and older.

The Facebook page for WYD Panama is:
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A presentation from the Organising Committee and the official prayer for WYD Panama 2019 can be accessed below: