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For WYD Auckland 2015, Bishop Pat challenged each group to find an area of need in their local community and become informed about that need. His challenge was to creatively record what young people found in a way that could be shared with others. To equip our leaders, we had a series of WYD Workshops that enabled leaders to build their skills in photography, art, social media, video and music. Photos from the event can be found here. Programme information, updates and other WYD Auckland documentation is available below.

Programme Information 

Download the WYD Auckland General pre-event information here

Day of Mission at parish or regional level (optional)

Saturday 11 July 2015

Spirit in the City | St Patrick’s Cathedral | 7.00-9.15pm
(doors open/music from 6.15pm)
Experience the richness of our faith through prayer, testimony and song. We will be focusing on the dignity of human life through the stories of refugees.

Sunday 12 July 2015

Be still in the presence of Jesus  | St Patrick’s Cathedral | 12.30pm
Spend time with Jesus in the Eucharist.

WYD Diocesan Youth Mass | St Patrick’s Cathedral | 1.15pm
Let’s gather as one community to be nourished as we receive the Eucharist.
Followed by a short activity inside St Patrick’s Cathedral

Pilgrim Walk | St Patrick’s Cathedral | 2.45pm
It’s a long standing WYD tradition to make a pilgrimage walk. Let us walk to Victory Centre with youthful joy, publicly proclaiming our faith.

Living our faith in today’s world
Victory Centre | 4.00pm – 7.30pm
(98 Beaumont St, Freemans Bay – parking information:

An opportunity to explore key issues of today through animation, testimony, talks and music. We’ll hear from our experts Phil Glendenning and Bishop Patrick Dunn. Praise and worship will be led by Grace Worship Ministries.


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Download information about current issues in our community: Justice Issues Information Sheet

Hands of Hope 

Hands of Hope - small jpg
Examples of Hands of Hope pages already created – click Hands of Hope Examples.


2014 Auckland WYD Experience

This World Youth Day included Spirit in the City on Day 1. This featured a celebration of worship and testimony, concluding with a period of Adoration. It was an opportunity to spend time with Jesus in the Eucharist.

Day 2 included a Pilgrim Walk with a Purpose; a reflective walk that encouraged participants to learn more about the needs of the wider community and contemplate whether they are fit for mission in Aotearoa New Zealand
– The Passion of the Christ: As the Passion of the Christ was re-enacted by the Ta’imua Malaeola group, we reflected on the suffering that Jesus went through in His final hours and crucifixion.
– Being Catholic in Today’s World: Some young people shared their personal testimonies on living a Catholic life in today’s world. There was also an opportunity to ask Bishop Patrick Dunn questions in our “Ask the Bishop” segment.
– Diocesan Youth Mass: We gathered as one community with Bishop Pat and priests of the Auckland Diocese to celebrate Mass.

You can check out the pictures by clicking the links below #WYDAK2014

1. #WYDAK – Spirit in the City – Camera 1

2. #WYDAK – Spirit in the City –  Camera 2

3. #WYDAK – Spirit in the City – Camera 3

4. #WYDAK – Spirit in the City – Camera 4

5. #WYDAK – Pilgrim Walk with a Purpose

6. Ta’imua lead The Passion of Christ @ #WYDAK 2014

7. #WYDAK 2014 – Being Catholic in Today’s World

8. #WYDAK – Diocesan Youth Mass Photos

9. #WYD Auckland 2014 – A few behind the scenes pics …

2013 Auckland WYD Experience

The aim of the Auckland WYD Experience was to provide “home pilgrims” (those who would like to attend WYD but aren’t making the pilgrimage to Rio de Janiero) the opportunity to experience a taste of World Youth Day right here in Auckland. Pilgrim groups came from Northland and Hamilton. Like previous years, we included some of our favourite elements of the International World Youth Day into the Auckland Experience like a pilgrim walk, catechesis and community service. It was great to see lots of individuals, leaders, groups, parishes and regions to step up and take the lead. Have a look at the photos by clicking on the links below:


WYD 2013

1 – Community Service

2 – Central Community Service

3 – City Community Service

4 – North Shore Community Service

5 – Festival

6 – Festival

7 – Festival

8 – Pilgrim Walk

9 – Pilgrim Walk and Catechesis

10 – Sunday at Victory Centre

11 – Sunday

12 – Sunday

13 – Sunday