World Youth Day Auckland 2017 Individual Registration

Registrations for the Auckland WYD Experience are now open. If you don't already belong to a group who are joining this event we invite you to register as an individual and we'll join you in to the City Group. Please complete your contact details below:

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Your Mobile Phone

Parish/Group/Chaplaincy/School/Community you are connected to. If you are not connected to any of these which suburb do you live in?

Let us know which parts of the WYD Auckland Experience you plan to join:

Regional Day - Saturday

Spend time with God on Sunday at St Patrick's Cathedral

Pilgrim Walk to VCC

Living your faith in today's World - Victory Centre

Diocesan Youth Mass - Victory Centre

Thanks for completing this registration form. Please advise any changes to We will be in contact with you the week of 28 June with an update on the event. Photos from this Event will be uploaded to our Facebook page—if you do not want your photo included on Facebook please either step out of the group shot or contact Teresa/Rochelle in the Auckland Catholic Youth Ministry Office.