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Parenting is hard

By Deborah Wood / January 21, 2021
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Parenting – the hardest job in the world Hi everyone, my name is Deborah, and it has been on my heart to encourage parents out in our communities doing God’s work, day in and day out. One of the hardest jobs is to raise and nurture our children. So, what better comfort do we have but a mighty God who cares so deeply about us. When I was raising my four children, I found life was so busy it was hard to think of God walking close beside me. I used to call my prayers microwave prayers as I would attempt to call on God during the day.I found for me; the hardest thing was dealing with the loneliness of having to make those hard decisions. Is my child alright? Do they need to go to the doctor? How am I going to keep going the next day with four hours …
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