Stephen Fraser

By Stephen Fraser / February 15, 2019
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There are always two – The Master and the Disciple   Being a disciple pre supposes that a personal experience or revelation has drawn us to want to be a disciple of Jesus our Master – Baptism establishes a covenant relationship between us and a lifelong journey begins……. We can be forgiven for understanding discipleship as a function of “who I am and what I do”, when it is rather a “who do I belong to and what is required of me” relationship. The first disciples of Jesus were disciple’s first of John the Baptist (Luke 5 1-11) and become disciples of Jesus who had then and has now a mission of drawing all into the Kingdom of His Father, our Father. This is outworked in two ways, firstly, over time our relationship should ensure that we become more like the Master, which culminates in a lifelong daily journey that …
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