Liturgy and Prayer

Ecumenical Prayer Service

By Sian Owen / May 7, 2024
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Come let us pray with our brothers and sisters in Christ for Christian Unity.

Feast of St Nicholas

By Sian Owen / November 7, 2023
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We do not have a lot of “hard facts” of regarding Saint Nicholas. This has not inhibited the Church honouring him in both the Eastern and Western traditions. We do know that Nicholas was a fourth-century bishop of Myra, a city in Lycia, a province of Asia Minor. The best-known story about Nicholas concerns his charity toward a poor man who was unable to provide dowries for his three daughters. Rather than see them forced into prostitution, Nicholas secretly tossed a bag of gold through the poor man’s window on three separate occasions, thus enabling the daughters to be married. …
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Presentation of the Lord

By Sian Owen / January 12, 2022
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Today marks forty days after Christmas, the end of that liturgical season.  Yes despite the adage of 12 nights and take the Christmas tree decorations down the season of Christmas which admittedly and confusingly includes some weeks of Ordinary Time finishes today.  Hence the presence of the Vatican’s Christmas decorations remaining up for so long. This day is also known as the Purification of Mary. But, rotate, it’s  known as the Meeting of the Lord in the Christian East. The Canticle prayed at Evening Office come from St Luke’s account of this great moment. Forty days after his birth, in keeping …
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