Advent – Season of Graced Partnership

By Sian Owen / December 2, 2021
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A wonderful story is often told about an incident in the life of Poland’s famous concert pianist, Ignace Paderewski.* Advent celebrates the coming of God.  God who longs to be in partnership with us.  To join us in the harmony of our lives.  Advent reminds us that we are not alone.  That God longs is with us in partnership, surrounding us in our pilgrim journey, surrounding us with love.   Have a partnership filled advent! *That there was a famed concert pianist named Paderewski is certainly true.  He would later become the Prime Minister of Poland.  This particular incident, however, may or may not have actually occurred in his life. During the Second World War Paderewski arranged local community meetings through flyers that included a picture of him sitting next to a boy at the piano, the image may have evolved into a story.  The story has meaning even if the event …
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