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Laughter the Best Medicine

By Sian Owen / February 24, 2021
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A trip to see friends at their farm. The children were bored at home so we thought it would be a good idea to visit friends in the country. We travelled out of town and arrived at our destination half an hour later. Living in the country, these friends had gates to protect their livestock, so as I was in the passenger seat it was logical that I would get out and open each gate and judiciously close each one behind the car as we progressed through to the house. Not a problem you would think until we reached the final gate and that is when things got a little tricky in between me and the gate were some frisky heifers. At first I thought I would ignore the heifers and they will not even notice me passing by but as I started to walk towards the gate these inquisitive …
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Quo Vadis? Where are you going?

By Sian Owen / February 3, 2021
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 Breakfast meeting for single men, 17+ interested in considering a vocation to the diocesan priesthood  8.30am Mass followed by fellowship.

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Fun things to do that don’t cost a lot!

By Sian Owen / January 27, 2021
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Hi everyone, It is always hard to find things to do with our children, especially when they are attached to a computer or bored. All children, young and old, love competitive games. My husband would put a coin on the dinner table when things were getting rowdy and begin a series of quiz questions. He would go around all the children and ask for an answer to the quiz question which was made age appropriate. If they didn’t manage the first round, he would give a clue and the money would get less each round. You would be astonished how children are captivated by working out problems and it benefits them in their concentration and learning. Another game is to get puzzles out, easy ones, and see who can finish first. Playing card games is always fun and involves the whole family. Often when I was sick of cooking, I …
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