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Dad’s are Invincible to their Boys

By Sian Owen / February 11, 2021
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On his 6th birthday. My son received one of those razor scooters for his birthday. You know, those ones with the really small wheels. The next day he was riding down our relatively steep back yard and I thought, it’s only a matter of time before carnage occurs. Later that day I was outside while he was scooting and he said, “Dad have a go”. So up to the top of the drive I went and down I came – like a rocket. I was somewhat pleased with my speed when the front wheel went into a small hole in the grass and in an instant, I was a missile for several meters landing on my back several metres down the section. Lying there checking that all my systems were still working; he comes running up to me, jumps on top of me and says with great delight “awesome dad …
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