Ordinary Time


“Ordinary Time” does not mean a “usual” or “average” time, it simply means out of season. During Ordinary Time, the Church celebrates the mystery of Christ in all its aspects. The readings teach us how to live out our Christian faith in our daily lives.

This is the longest liturgical season. It spans the weeks between the end of the Christmas season and the beginning of Lent, then starts up again at the end of the Easter season and lasts until the beginning of Advent. Ordinary Time runs for around 34 weeks.

Ordinary time is a wonderful time in the Church. It is a down time, a break from special events. This allows us to concentrate on Mass, everyday scripture readings and the inspirational saints, whose lives can teach us so much.

Learning About Ordinary Time


Consider each day of the week and plan something to do that makes the day ‘count’. Do things together that help develop your family ‘discipleship’ skills. Follow the links to get get ideas

Sunday: The Weekly Easter
Monday: Honour the Messengers of God
Tuesday: Honour the Apostles
Wednesday: Honour St. Joseph
Thursday: Reverence the Holy Eucharist
Friday: Reflect on Christ’s Passion and Death
Saturday: Honour Mary the Mother of God

Ordinary Time Prayer

The colour of ordinary time is green; the colour of growth and new life. One of the ways we grow is by praying. This activity encourages children to pray regularly each day by repeating a simple prayer of few words. It becomes a ‘habit’ of Faith.




Prayers for Ordinary Time