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Material and Immaterial Needs

That is the purpose of our mission: to identify the material and immaterial needs of the people and try to meet them as we can.


Do you know what agape is?

It is love of others, as our Lord preached.

It is not proselytizing, it is love.

Love for one's neighbour, that leavening that serves the common good.

Pope Francis (10/1/13)


What needs are your parish supporting?

To whom are you as a parish reaching out?




Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

'God, in your goodness, you have made a home for the poor'.

The response for this week's Psalm (Psalm 68) is both an affirmation of the goodness of God and a challenge for the People of God.

We proclaim that God, who is good, made a home for the poor- the forgotten and the unloved. Yet, day after day we see people who are in search for a home; searching for a home that they could afford, searching for a new country to call home and searching for a home that welcomes and accept them. Yes, there is still homelessness for the poor.

There is a story about St. Martin of Tours when he met a beggar asking for alms. St. Martin had nothing in his pocket and the only thing he could offer was his cloak. But he thought that if he gave his cloak, he will have no cloak. So he took his sword, cut his cloak in half and gave one-half to the beggar. That same night, St. Martin had a dream where he saw Jesus wearing the other half of his cloak.

As we watch and read about the many forms of homelessness, may we recognised Jesus in the people in search for affordable housing, in the efforts of refugees and migrants in search for a better life, and in the face so someone who just want to belong. In doing so, we not only imitate God’s goodness in making a home for the poor but in opening our doors and hearts we welcome God himself.

C.J David

The Year of Mercy – The Pastoral Plan in Action

"But go and learn what this means 'I desire mercy not sacrifice'".a Matthew 9:13

The Year of Mercy invites us to walk into the challenge of living the Christian life. To be forgiven and to forgive others. It is a year of reflection and action as we implement the Diocesan Pastoral Plan – Fit for Mission The first priority of Fit for Mission is Go! Parishes, communities, and schools are asked to focus more specifically and practically on reaching out to those outside our communities. To find ways and means to draw them more fully to know and love Christ Jesus. This is what the Church calls mission ad extra (to those beyond our normal boundaries).
A framework for mission and mercy is to explore the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy

Let us abandon all
and dread, for these
do not befit men and
women who are loved.
Instead, let us live the
joy of encounter with
the grace that
transforms all.
Pope Francis

Diocesan News

The Unveiling of The Statue of St John Baptist De La Salle
31-08-2016 | Michelle Jarvis

A significant moment in the history of De La Salle College occurred on August 5th with the unveiling of a beautiful statue of St John Baptist De La Salle. The six year project has been driven by current staff member and former Head Boy, Kane Raukura with the financial support of Alumni, PTFA, the De La […]

Our Prayer Focus

Catechists Gather
25-08-2016 | Sian Owen

We are Called, Gifted, Supported Saturday 20 August saw Catechists of Parish Religious Education and Sacramental Programmes, from Kerikeri to Thames gather for prayer, support and formation.  Having prayed together as a community Catechists were broken into groups to explore five key aspects of their role. Mary the Model Catechist. Mary who instructed the servants […]

Media and Ministry
23-08-2016 | Sian Owen

 One of the priorities of the Diocesan Pastoral Plan Fit for Mission is communication. “My fourth priority is communication.   With the rapid growth of the new technologies we have the opportunity to assess what are the best communication strategies for us to succeed in proclaiming the Good News . We will review our communication processes to identify […]

Invitation to Mayoral Forum 14 September
18-08-2016 | Lyndsay Freer

Where do our mayoral candidates stand on important issues?   Invitation to Mayoral Forum 14 September is published on 2016-08-18T11:37:16+12:00 and last modified: 2016-08-18T16:13:05+12:00 by Lyndsay Freer

TV programme this coming Sunday on Christchurch Carmelites
12-08-2016 | Lyndsay Freer

TVNZ’s  Sunday programme is doing a follow-up to the very popular documentary they featured on the Carmelite Monastery in Christchurch. It will be presented this Sunday evening 14 August at 7 pm. Earlier in the year the SUNDAY current affairs programme provided a rare glimpse into the Carmelite Monastery in Christchurch and the life of […]

Bishop of Auckland to highlight social justice week with own migration story
28-07-2016 | Lyndsay Freer

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand 28 July 2016 At a time when the number of international migrants is growing faster than the world’s population (according to the UN), the theme of migration for the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ annual Social Justice Week is very pertinent. Held from 11-17 September in 2016, Bishop Patrick Dunn and Caritas […]

14-07-2016 | Karen O'Connell

Support the Red Cross at this movie fundraiser “The Innocents”. Based on a true story from post-WW II Poland, this drama follows a young French Red Cross doctor who finds herself caught up in the lives of nuns, traumatised and shamed by their wartime suffering. When: Wednesday 27 July 2016, 6.15pm Where: Civic Theatre 269 […]

100 quality, warm & weatherproof coats for the homeless gifted to Auckland Diocese
06-07-2016 | Lyndsay Freer

  One hundred high quality coats, specially tailored to fit a wide range of sizes, have been gifted to the Diocese of Auckland for distribution to the city’s homeless by one of the oldest institutions of Western & Christian civilisation, the Sovereign Order of Malta, through its Sydney members. The coats are being distributed by […]

New Zealand Catholic Bishops welcome increased annual refugee quota
14-06-2016 | Lyndsay Freer

The President of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference, Bishop Patrick Dunn, said that the bishops are pleased the government has announced our refugee quota will be increased to 1,000 from 750. “For an additional 250 people every year who are granted acceptance to make a new home in New Zealand it will be life changing, for […]

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